Family Operated

Women Owned

Health Minded

Despite Omege3NutraCleanse (Natura Fiber today) being a part of our family history, it was not a part of our upbringing. On the contrary, we consider ourselves products of the convenience food generation – with sugary cereals and cans of soda as much a part of our childhood as the campgrounds on which we ran wild.

But, the more we learned about nutrition and our own family's past, the more we wanted to invest in discovering, incorporating, and sharing real healthiness in our – and our growing families' – daily life.

Upon taking over the family business, and experiencing the benefits of daily fiber first hand, we doubled down on the company's mission to make that same healthiness accessible to our customers, keeping the convenience we learned from our childhood, but adding a whole lot of high quality nutrition, everyday.

Words From Our Owners

I try to live as close to off the land as possible and think there’s a lot integrity in whole foods from honest sources


Navigating my own health journey, I came to really appreciate nutritionally rich foods that fit into my specialized diet, without it feeling like a sacrifice.


Becoming a mom taught me how to read and research ingredient lists and health benefits instead of simply believing marketing claims.