New to Natura Fiber?

To begin using Natura Fiber, gradually increase the amount you incorporate until reaching 3 heaping tablespoons per day. Remember to complement your increased fiber intake by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Or, like most of our customers - cook with it!

How Do You Use Natura Fiber?

Excellent product very tasty + versatile. Nothing like any other cleansing products! I like to add it to yogurt and salads.


This is one of my favourite health products. It's a great addition to smoothies because it gives them an extra creamy texture, and fibre is one of the most ignored yet essential nutrients. I've started having one serving first thing in the morning in water, and it's a great way to support your gut health. It has an earthy taste, which I love, but if you don't, it goes great with all kinds of drinks, smoothies, or baking.


My favourite thing to add to my daily steel cut oat breakfast. Calms my stomach and cleans my digestive tract.


This product is excellent for proper gut health. It mixes well and is great to just sprinkle on food. Add to your meatloaf, salad , shakes.


I use this grain mix in breads, muffins, cookies etc. This adds fiber as well as crunch.

Natura Fiber Energy Balls
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Natura Fiber Acai Berry Smoothie Bowl
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Natura Fiber Oatmeal
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